About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a family business that gives back to veterans and secures the return of USA industry and supply chains.  

Our uncompromising vision aims for quality first.  Your purchase with Hawkins & Co. is crafted to be ultra durable.  

Our PA traditional leathers are proudly made in Pennsylvania and its quality is unlike anything you can find in a store.  Our camouflage leather is sourced from Pisa, Italy. 

Get to know the Family

Trevor and his wife Jessica work hand-in-hand running Hawkins & Co. Leather.

Trevor is the leathercraftsman and Jessica is the marketing & social media director.  We started this business when Trevor medically retired early from active duty and needed an outlet during the transition period to civilian life. Injured, unemployed, and with a newborn during a pandemic left Trevor searching for something.  While recovering from a spinal surgery after Afghanistan, Trevor watched leather videos on youtube and dove right in with a "Acta non-verba" attitude--deeds, not words.  This showed us first hand the huge gap between transitioning from military into civilian life. This journey is therapeutic for us and allows us the chance to pay things forward to the veteran community.

We would love to grow and help more veterans.

Service in Afghanistan & Iraq

Most of Trevor’s tours were spent training the Afghan Army and their Commandos who were excellent by any standard. 

He spent his days fielding new battalions of Commandos for the summer fighting seasons; eating his meals with the Afghan Army.  He was proud of the mutual respect formed over time--the side by side effort for security was by, with, and through our partners who sacrificed greatly during this conflict.

Previously, he was in Al Anbar province supporting USMC and Army units, as well as a civil project powering a water treatment plant in the city of Ramadi. 

Current Day:  

Hawkins & Co. has supported the following Veteran and First Responders Organizations:

- Combat Motorcycle Veterans Association

- CVMA 22-13

- Delaware CVMA 50-1 and First Responders

- Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department

- Pittsburgh First Responders


Thank you for learning more about us and what we do here.