Frequently Asked Questions:

These items seem expensive. Why should I pay more for US Made?

There are good reasons to buy American. Not only can you rest assured your product was made using ethical labor standards, you will enjoy higher levels of satisfaction with the hand chosen natural products we personally QC with every crafted item.

Why hasn't my product shipped yet?  What takes so long?  What is a lead time?

Since our items are painstakingly handcrafted using small batches of locally sourced leathers, we need time to prepare our orders.  Lead times are our way of saying, please be patient--good things are coming.  The reward is an American made product that will outlast anything from a big box store.

Is your leather really any better than what's out there?

Yes.  Most people do not know that "Genuine Leather" is really a low tier and usually chemically treated discard material that wears out quickly, no matter how perfect it looks on the department store rack. We buy whole hides of real USA made leather hides, full grain and vegetable tanned right here in Pennsylvania.

So what is full-grain leather?

Full-grain leather means that this is the highest tier of unblemished cow leather available. Unlike other leathers, it is not sanded down or corrected to refinish the exterior for an artificial uniform appearance.  While this may look better to some, reducing the layers on a hide decreases its long term durability.

What does vegetable-tanned mean?  Why does it matter?

Vegetable tanned means that the leather is treated using natural tree bark tannins to give the unique rich colors and remove excess water from the hides.  This process is ancient and ensures that no chemicals touched your leather goods and you will carry a clean product that smells wonderful.  Most leathers unfortunately are chemically treated and mass produced.

Why do you use Pennsylvania leather and US made chains?

We are committed to promoting our local tannery because they have been open since 1867 and do not want to see US industries go away.  My father grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and told me about the steel mills shutting down and the effects it had on our state. That's part of the reason we go above and beyond to source US steel - manufactured here in the United States.

We love our country and since there are only two of these natural tanneries left in the country we want to get the word out and create a demand for their beautiful products. You can help by supporting local industries and craftsmanship!