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Belt Hook Attachment - Matching

Belt Hook Attachment - Matching

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Belt Hook Attachment

Lose your keys a lot? Need an extra hand for carrying items? Using American Harness leather and the best hardware, this Belt Hook Attachment is ready to take a beating -- all while making your life a little easier. Add convenience and style to your everyday carry with our Belt Hook Attachment. Made with durable, high quality solid brass hardware and full grain vegetable tanned Pennsylvania leather, it provides a sturdy and elegant solution for carrying your belongings on your belt. 

NOTE: These are for the Original Belt and the Everyday Belt. We cannot guarantee the fit of this belt hook on other belts but are more than welcome to buy one and see. 


About Our leather:

Our leather comes from the oldest operating all-natural tannery in the country, founded in 1867. For 150 years this natural, eco-friendly leather has been perfectly crafted, using a labor-intensive method, to produce superior leathers full of character. After two days of rehydrating and removing hair from the hides, and going through a flesh machine, the leather is then put into 1 of the 72 vats filled with natural tannins for the dying process. The hides spend two weeks in in the vats, before continuing on to dyeing, fat liquoring, drying and finishing. The leather we offer on our products is english bridal or harness leather, for the most premium leather good experience to last you a lifetime. 

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